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A speedy website is paramount for a good user experience. If your website takes more than a few seconds to load, the chances of a potential customer leaving too early will be high. It is also known that a slow loading website will impact its SEO; a fast website will help you get ahead of the competition.

Each website We Are Cuppa works on goes through our robust, tried-and-tested optimisation process. For example, your site will be developed to be streamlined for fast delivery of content, and all images uploaded to your site will be optimised for the web. These are just a couple of the performance techniques we will carry out.

If you are already a website owner and are looking to improve your page speed score, and in turn speed up your website, we will analyse your site’s speed, and from the results, produce a report and advise on the areas that need optimisation. We can then make the necessary changes to your site that will improve your page speed score.

What’s more, if you choose to host your site with We Are Cuppa, we can guarantee that your page speed will automatically improve as our dedicated cloud server is super fast and efficient.

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