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CKA Telecoms

Telecoms company providing businesses in Kent and the South East with city-standard solutions, locally.

The Brief

CKA Telecoms are a start-up providing local businesses in Kent and the South East with telecom services and solutions from national suppliers. CKA Telecoms’ ethos is to provide local businesses outside of London with the same quality service, and the latest technologies of large suppliers, as those businesses inside of the city. CKA Telecoms approached us looking for a website that they could use as a sales tool, to clearly explain their services to potential customers. They also wanted the design of the website to be different from their competitors, to help them stand out from the crowd.

The Result

One of the main criteria for the project was for us to create a website design that looked different from other telecom company websites, so we decided that a more graphic, illustrative look was the design approach to go forward with. We created metaphorical graphics for each service page, and each page of the site has a unique colour to keep the site engaging, which also reflects in the ‘C’ of the logo. The website itself is clean, minimal and clear to navigate with just the right amount of valuable information on each page, so as not to bombard potential customers with too much technical jargon. The website is fully responsive, is optimised and has a page speed score of 92%.

Cuppa really understood what we wanted and exceeded our expectations. They are a pleasure to deal with and I couldn't recommend them highly enough.

Chris Wearne - CKA Telecoms - CKA Telecoms

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