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Web Development

Web Development

Web Development – We use the latest development standards and web technologies to keep things cutting edge, ensuring your new website is built on a stable and future-proof foundation.
Web development involves us essentially turning your website mockups you signed off in the web design stage, either with us We Are Cuppa, or another designer, into a fully functioning website.

Scalable, Professional Web Development

When it comes to web development, We Are Cuppa pride ourselves on building all our websites to industry standards, using the latest technologies and best practices. We construct each of our websites to a high quality with clean, robust, reliable code. Every bespoke site we create is entirely from scratch, resulting in a solution that is tailor-made for your specific requirements. Scalability is a priority for us during the development of your website. We will build your site with the potential for it to grow as your business grows. Get in touch with us, and we will easily be able to make the necessary changes to keep your site up to date with your evolving needs.

Website Optimisation & Testing

All our development work is carried out in our local testing environment, and nothing gets launched until we have double checked that everything is looking and working the way it should across all modern browsers and on different devices. We will also implement different speed optimisation techniques before launch, ensuring your website will load quickly and run smoothly, for better overall user experience.

Our Services

Web Design

With an impeccable eye for detail, we are committed to providing knockout web design that not only looks great but is user-friendly and functional too.

Content Management Integration

To make your site accessible and easy to maintain, we use a content management system known as WordPress on all our sites, giving you unlimited control over the content of your website at all times.